Is Your Career Stealing Your Soul?

Are you wondering how to take it back?

Are you done with the “do-it-yourself” approach?

Do you want help from someone who has been there, done that, and made the change?

What if you could -

  • Leverage your unique strengths and talents in your job?
  • Feel authentically engaged by the work you do?
  • Be recognized and valued for your accomplishments?
  • Get paid the money you deserve?
  • Feel energized and excited to go to work?
  • Have the confidence and clarity to take your career to the next level?

Welcome! You’re in the right place. You can follow a step by step process that helps you love your career and thrive in life.

Hi I’m Lori, and I help mid-career professionals who are frustrated with their job to avoid career burnout and find a career that you love and earns you the money you deserve.

What differentiates me from other career transformation coaches is I use a proven 3 stage process that goes beyond ordinary assessments to

  • Unearth the unique set of strengths and skills you already have
  • Imagine the career in which you can truly thrive
  • And create a practical plan of action to fulfill your career dreams now.

We do this in just a few sessions, not years.

Through a long period of searching, I have discovered how to avoid career burnout that can occur when you work at a job or career that doesn’t suit you anymore. I suffered from extreme burnout in my job and career. I felt the frustration of not knowing what to do. As a result, I developed a 3 stage process that helps people to discover in a matter weeks what it took me decades to unearth on my own – what is it you were made to do, would love to do, and what environment would you thrive in, and HOW TO CREATE THAT CAREER NOW.

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In response to last week’s post (Reclaim Your Career Security) , I received questions from several people asking me: “Would I have more security and control over my career if I simply start my own business?”

Let me give my short answer first: No. There is not necessarily more job (or career) security if you have your own business. When you work for … (read more…)


Client Stories

Marsha Weil, New York, NY

At the time I hired Lori, I was looking for someone to help me develop a resume which focuses on career transitions. I had hired a coach who did not hear a word I said and sent me a resume that was totally wrong. Lori, on the other hand, did listen to what my needs were and asked me pointed questions. I decided to work with her and never regretted this decision. Lori helped develop two resumes which highlighted skills needed for two different types of positions. She was easy to work with, took all my comments into consideration, and made the appropriate revisions. In the end, I received two resumes which I was totally happy with. I would recommend Lori without hesitation. She is a true professional and a delight to work with.