Maybe you don’t have the career you’d love because you still don’t know what it would be

…and even if you did you’ve no idea how to create it


Lori Howard, Career Transformation Coach, Career Identity Specialist, and Resume Writer presents…

What Is My Career Identity (and why do I care)?

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“When I first met Lori, I was in a rut. Having spent 25 years in the same industry, I was bored, max’d out and didn’t know what to do next. I was pigeon-holed into an industry that I was not so fond of, and saw no way to get out. I felt trapped. Lori understood my predicament, as she had seen it all before — she was sympathetic, but resolute in knowing that she could help me find answers. I took great solace in that! Through several sessions and dozens of exercises, I began to get a clearer picture of who I am, and where my strengths and talents truly lie. Working with Lori, I was able to translate that understanding into updated, targeted resumes that quickly produced interviews and gave me the confidence to express myself better than ever before. Consulting a Career Coach should be mandatory for anyone in today’s work force, and Lori is the best at her profession. ” — Robert Norris, Warrenville, IL

Dear Frustrated with Work,

Close your eyes and just imagine, for a moment, what it would feel like to get up every day and look forward to going to work – knowing with certainty that you: are great at your job, make a meaningful contribution, enjoy connecting with the people you work with, and are recognized and acknowledged for the work you do – and that you are fairly compensated with enough money to pay for the other parts of your life that bring you joy.

What if you knew exactly what it would take to create and sustain a career and work experience you truly enjoyed?

What would that get you?

  • Self confidence?
  • Fulfillment?
  • Peace of mind?

But, unfortunately, most people don’t know what it really takes to create a thriving career that they love.  I’ve met women and men at 40+, 50+ and 60+ who’ve been trying to figure this career thing out for awhile. Many have taken assessments or sought advice from family and friends, and still feel at a loss.

If you want a job you love, there are several things you need to look at.  The good news is it all starts within you. Would you be interested if I told you I could show you how to uncover your true and complete career identity and develop a clear picture of who you are, what you offer, and what you really want?

If so, then I invite you to join me in a free teleclass —

What Is My Career Identity (and why do I care)?

where I will share with you key secrets to creating and sustaining a career you truly love.

By the end of this class you will have completed the first step to uncover your own career identity and you will discover why this is the most important step in finding a job and career that you truly want.

This is a one night – free teleclass– presented by me, Lori Howard, Career Transformation Coach, Career Identity Specialist, and Resume Writer.

This complimentary call is on Tuesday November 1, 2016 at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central/ 4pm Pacific.

I will also provide a a recording of the call (in case you can’t make it).

I want you to love your job and thrive in your career. I don’t want you to wait. You are the right age, and have the right experience, right now. Come learn the secrets to make that happen.

All my best,


Lori Howard, PCC, CPRW
Career Transformation Coach
Career Identity Specialist and Resume Writer





Client Stories

Lori took my old, tired, out of date resume and transformed it into a resume which got results.  In transitioning from owning a business back to the corporate world, Lori asked the tough questions to dig out all the relevant skills and accomplishments which would catch the eye of a potential employer.   One of the first employers to receive my new resume and customized cover letter (created by Lori) called me for a phone interview, followed by a face to face meeting, and finally offered me a job twenty-four hours after the interview.  I'm convinced I would not have even been able to get my foot in the door without my new resume created by Lori.  As I told my wife, retrospectively, spending the money to work with Lori was well worth it.

Howard Kier, Evanston, IL