Are you feeling stuck or coming unglued?

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Do you ever feel like you’re stuck on the hamster wheel when it comes to transforming your career and finding a job you love? We all experience times when we feel like we are never going to be the person who gets to have a job and career that we will truly enjoy. That can tempt us to stop taking the steps that will get results, or to give up our efforts entirely.

I had the privilege of attending a value-packed marketing conference over the weekend, where this statement was a central theme: “Ordinary things, done consistently, create extraordinary and consistent results.”—Sandra Martini

As I consider this concept, I see that it doesn’t just apply to marketing or business ownership. This concept also applies to successfully transforming your career into one you love and in which you thrive. The question I am asking myself every day is, “What can I do consistently to get the results I want?” I ask you the same question, what can you do every day to get the results you want from your career transformation?

If you are in the Career Burnout stage, which often precipitates career transformation, are you practicing consistent self care? Consider adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet, taking a walk at lunch, or leaving work on time three days a week.

If you are in the Unearth Stage, seeking to discover your unique set of strengths, skills and passions, what can you do every day, or every week, to move through this stage? Perhaps you can carry a small notebook with you, and take note of the strengths you use throughout your day to get things done. Or sit down once a week and list out your accomplishments from the week, at work or at home.

Are you in the Imagine Stage, designing the career you would love to have? Consider doing an Ideal Work Day visualization daily for one week. Or at the end of each day, make notes of the qualities you appreciate from your current job, and want to keep at your next job.

Are you in the Create Stage, actively seeking the job you will love? Schedule your job search activities in your calendar, e.g. Monday, search the job boards, Tuesday, connect on LinkedIn, Wednesday, attend a Job Club to network, Thursday, research companies, Friday, follow up on applications.

What can you do every day to get the results you want from your career transformation? Choose one action and put it on your calendar today. I invite you to share your commitment with me by posting your action on my blog below.

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