Are you wishing? Or do you have a plan?

Someone once told me that if you want to know what a person’s true priorities are, ignore what they say and look at what they do.  The things you do day to day, the activities and experiences you make time for, they reveal the priorities you are living. 

Pat, a participant in one of my job search skills workshops, complained that she didn’t know what to do.  She was unemployed, and didn’t want to go back to her previous career.  She hated that job, and wanted to pursue something more fulfilling to pay her bills.  Clearly, this was important to Pat.  She was so frustrated and unhappy.  I asked Pat what she was doing to figure it out. 

“Waiting to see what life brings my way.  I’m open to other options.  And sometimes I look at job descriptions for openings I find online to see what interests me.  I garden.  And I spend time with my children and grandchildren.  I volunteer at my church.  I’m waiting for inspiration.”

Ask any artist and you’ll learn that inspiration comes through action, not waiting.  Goals of any kind are achieved through a strategic plan and a schedule of consistent, daily action.  The same is true when it comes to creating a new career path or finding a new job. 

When I was laid off at the culmination of my career in IT, after I spent time recovering from burn out, I spent time every day working at unearthing my strengths and skills and passions, imagining the work I would love to do, exploring how to do that.  I read books and did all the exercises, I researched ideas online, and I sought the support of a coach to help me sort out my learnings and stay motivated.  Once I knew what I wanted to do for my next career, I began to take concrete steps to identify how to test out my new career ideas (test before committing, just to be sure I was right), and then how to create the career and life I wanted. 

Ron was person who had invested the time to unearth what he offered, imagine what he wanted.  When he began to create his next career move, he said to me,  “It’s the schedule that is the key.  I need to schedule time for my job search and career change activities into my schedule.  I need to schedule these things as though they were an important meeting with someone I’d never consider cancelling on.  When I do that, I’ll get what I want, I know it.”

Are you sitting and waiting for inspiration?  Are you hoping the answer will just drop in your lap, like Pat?  Or do you have a plan and a schedule.  Have you really made your search for a job and career you love a priority?  Or is it still just a wish and a hope?

Please share your comments below, I’d love to hear what you think.

If you feel you need more support to help create your plan and schedule, I’d love to be there for you.  Contact me now for a free consultation so you can have a job and career you love.  

2 comments to Are you wishing? Or do you have a plan?

  • Jonni Rose Lukenbill

    Great advice for the young! Not for everyone, though. Had a plan; worked four years all day every day on it & it got me deep in debt from tuition bills & no job due to age & lack of experience. Not every carefully planned goal/program works. After hard work & pro-actively implementing a plan I have nothing but a lovely diploma & professional license to decorate a wall. We are never completely in control of our plans in spite of what career experts like John Krumbolz says. I am now applying for jobs I could do before I got the Masters degree.

    • Jonni –

      I’m so sorry your plans didn’t take you where you wanted to go. I don’t agree it’s only for the young. Most of my clients have had an established career before embarking on a different path. And you are right, sometimes life takes us in a different direction than our plans intended. However, I do believe everyone can have a fulfilling career leveraging the strengths and skills they love to use – if that’s what they want. No matter their age. Sometimes it takes a different form than what we imagined at the outset, though.



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Client Stories

What did you need at the time you hired Lori?

I wanted to work in my industry and didn't know how to progress any further than I was. I knew I had much experience that could be put in the industry of my choice but not how to parlay that experience. I needed guidance.

What did you and Lori do together?

Many, many things. Overall, to get clear in my mind what I offered and really what I wanted in a work environment. Every week was another epiphany after another. One of my favorites was the "knowing your core values". Having had some experience on this subject I was all ready to dive-in. Core Values is key. Knowing your core values. 

Lori makes it so easy to pinpoint. One time we were speaking about something else and we both realized...OMG...that is a core value for me. I hadn't written it down before, but discovered later that if ever a core value fit was the one I mentioned at that time.  Knowing that piece of information also answered a long standing question in my head.  One of the "why's" as to my constant upset with other places I had worked.

What were the results from working with Lori?

Many things. One is a great looking resume. I thought, wow, I look good and it was all from work I had already done elsewhere but didn't know how to say it or present it. Another is the clarity of knowing where I will feel good when I do work. What I really want and with the kind of people I really want to work with on a daily basis. This entire process is so valuable. The best money I ever spent and I am not kidding or exaggerating. I was only hoping it would be valuable and it really was valuable.< I know stuff and it has value and is marketable. Lori showed me those things and it gives me confidence.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Lori delivers above and beyond. The highest quality of exchange, 'more than you expected.' I told my friends this over and over: 'I wish I had her 10-20-even 30 years ago.' Every one, and I mean EVERYONE, needs a Lori. Her understanding,patience, how she problem solves, putting things in simple terms, was mind blowing. I wish I could that well. I present a problem and she could turn it around and yes...another epiphany.

Lori, is worth every penny. It isn't about a title. It is about enjoying everyday doing work you love with people you like and are like minded. You'll know what you are looking for when you interview.  I never say this, but I will say it here. Lori is a major key into the rest of my life doing what I always wanted to do. That is: Being happy doing what I do, everyday. Something I have been saying for years. Allowing be Sherlock.  Finding my people. They are out there and now I know what I am looking for in that respect.


Sherlock Ganz, Los Angeles, CA