Burning out? 3 Strategies to Recover Starting Now

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Are you burning out? Are you feeling like you don’t know how to stop it?

My friend Jim was recently laid off from his job. He wanted to start looking for his next job right away, but he just couldn’t get motivated to do anything. He was hurt and angry at the company that let him go. He had been working long days for months prior to the lay-off, and was physically exhausted. He felt pessimistic about his options. The last thing he wanted was to do was update his resume and start interviewing.

Jim was burnt out. He needed to deal with his burn out first, in order to replenish his energy and refresh his perspective. Perhaps you need this too.

Here are 3 critical steps that you can take to recover from burnout.

1. Focus on your health. 

Are you eating right? Are you exercising regularly? Are you getting fresh air occasionally? When we start down the path to burnout, very often self-care is one of the first things to go. That makes it one of the first things we need to restore.

Jim realized that he hadn’t been taking care of himself, and his health was starting to suffer. So he began a new workout program to get some physical exercise. He also realized he hadn’t been eating well. Now that he was home, he took over preparing meals for himself and his family. He also made a point of taking a walk after dinner with his wife. They’d just take some time to explore their neighborhood together.

2. Deal with your emotions. 

When you are burning out you can feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster. Angry, sad, depressed, frustrated, or even numb. Ignoring these feelings doesn’t make them go away. Consider journaling about your feelings or meditating. You may even join a support group or seek the help of a therapist. Figure out what you need and who can best help you.

Jim joined a support group to process his emotions with others experiencing similar situations to his. It helped him realize he was not alone in his feelings. And he developed a new perspective on his situation.

3. Seek support to help you move forward. 

When you are ready to move forward, you may consider seeking a coach, a mentor, or therapy. Seek the support of someone who can bring a fresh perspective to your situation. Perhaps you need to request the support of your family. There are so many resources available to you. All you need to do is ask.

Jim enlisted the support of family and friends in his process. He let them know he wanted to take control of his career and to make sure his next job was a better fit for him than his last one. One of his friends referred him to a career transformation coach who could help him clarify his career goals and find the right next job for him.

Burnout is a serious thing, and if you don’t deal with it, it can make you very sick and very unhappy.

Jim was able to recover from his burnout by taking these three steps. He is now happily employed in a new job, and loves what he does. He continues his commitment to take care of his health and to seek ongoing support for his goals.

Do you need to recover from burnout? What is the next step you can take?

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Client Stories

What did you need at the time you hired Lori?

I wanted to work in my industry and didn't know how to progress any further than I was. I knew I had much experience that could be put in the industry of my choice but not how to parlay that experience. I needed guidance.

What did you and Lori do together?

Many, many things. Overall, to get clear in my mind what I offered and really what I wanted in a work environment. Every week was another epiphany after another. One of my favorites was the "knowing your core values". Having had some experience on this subject I was all ready to dive-in. Core Values is key. Knowing your core values. 

Lori makes it so easy to pinpoint. One time we were speaking about something else and we both realized...OMG...that is a core value for me. I hadn't written it down before, but discovered later that if ever a core value fit me...it was the one I mentioned at that time.  Knowing that piece of information also answered a long standing question in my head.  One of the "why's" as to my constant upset with other places I had worked.

What were the results from working with Lori?

Many things. One is a great looking resume. I thought, wow, I look good and it was all from work I had already done elsewhere but didn't know how to say it or present it. Another is the clarity of knowing where I will feel good when I do work. What I really want and with the kind of people I really want to work with on a daily basis. This entire process is so valuable. The best money I ever spent and I am not kidding or exaggerating. I was only hoping it would be valuable and it really was valuable.< I know stuff and it has value and is marketable. Lori showed me those things and it gives me confidence.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Lori delivers above and beyond. The highest quality of exchange, 'more than you expected.' I told my friends this over and over: 'I wish I had her 10-20-even 30 years ago.' Every one, and I mean EVERYONE, needs a Lori. Her understanding,patience, how she problem solves, putting things in simple terms, was mind blowing. I wish I could that well. I present a problem and she could turn it around and yes...another epiphany.

Lori, is worth every penny. It isn't about a title. It is about enjoying everyday doing work you love with people you like and are like minded. You'll know what you are looking for when you interview.  I never say this, but I will say it here. Lori is a major key into the rest of my life doing what I always wanted to do. That is: Being happy doing what I do, everyday. Something I have been saying for years. Allowing Sherlock...to be Sherlock.  Finding my people. They are out there and now I know what I am looking for in that respect.


Sherlock Ganz, Los Angeles, CA