Don’t let one of “those” days keep you from your dreams

Have you ever had one of “those” days? Have you ever thought that the way your life is unfolding, you will never reach your dreams?

Today I have had one of “those” days. I overslept and got up late. I felt rushed and behind schedule before I even got out of bed. As I scrambled to shower and get dressed, in my mind I was shuffling the things on my schedule to make things fit. I ended up cutting the time to design the content for my upcoming teleclasses, because anything related to a longer term goal just wasn’t important enough anymore. I felt awful, guilty for the work I wasn’t going to get done. And I gulped down my cup of coffee so I could perk up before I made my first call of the morning.

I was really tempted try to make everything fit into my day. I thought about working through lunch and dinner, and skipping my workout all together. I also know that for me, working out clears my head and manages my stress. In that moment, I decided that rather than try to make the day fit the plan I had, instead I would throw out the original plan, and make up a new one. I would still workout. Then, rather than spend hours today on developing my teleclasses, I scheduled a little bit of time every day for the next week to work on the outlines and content. Today I’ll draft one outline. Tomorrow I’ll review and edit it. The next day I’ll draft a second outline. And so forth.

Some days are like that, aren’t they? Unplanned, unpredictable things happen. It can really muck with our plans and pursuit of our goals. Sometimes it’s a good thing, like a surprise visit from a loved one. Other times it’s something serious, like illness. And other times, it’s something mundane, like oversleeping.

What if one of those days turns into one of those weeks, or one of those seasons of life. You may feel like you have to put your dreams on hold, just to survive.

Instead of fighting your life circumstances or giving up, find small actions you can take with confidence. Move yourself forward tiny step by tiny step. At the end of the next week or month, in spite of, or perhaps because of your ‘crazy life’ – you’ll find you’ve made great progress toward your goals and dreams.

How do you press on when life interferes with your plans? I’d love for you to share your experiences on my blog.

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At the time I hired Lori, I was looking for someone to help me develop a resume which focuses on career transitions.  I had hired a coach who did not hear a word I said and sent me a resume that was totally wrong.  Lori, on the other hand, did listen to what my needs were and asked me pointed questions.  I decided to work with her and never regretted this decision. Lori helped develop two resumes which highlighted skills needed for two different types of positions.  She was easy to work with, took all my comments into consideration, and made the appropriate revisions.  In the end, I received two resumes which I was totally happy with.  I would recommend Lori without hesitation.  She is a true professional and a delight to work with.

Marsha Weil, New York, NY