Don’t Think about Pink Elephants (or TV)

I am often reminding myself and others to focus on what you DO want, not what you DON’T want – because the unconscious brain doesn’t recognize the NOTs… (If you want proof – don’t think about elephants. Now – what do you see? ELEPHANTS! possilby with a big X over them. If I say – think about purple giraffes – what’s on your mind? PURPLE GIRAFFES!)

So often we get caught up in thinking about what we DON’T want…(I don’t want to overeat…I don’t want to swear…) and end up beating ourselves up for doing MORE of exactly what we are trying to avoid. The answer is simple – think about what you DO want – and you’re brain and body will do what it can to take you there.

Today, this morning, I was thinking – I watch too much TV. Why is that? I should cut back. I’ve been thinking this for some time. And this morning thought- what is my problem? I am watching moreTV not less! and not even enjoying it! WHAT IS GOING ON! Then, out of nowhere….BAM! I realize I am thinking about elephants, I am thinking about what NOT to do – and drawing myself closer and closer to that. The question is – what do I want MORE of in my life. What do I want to spend MORE time on? And I realized, what I want is not less TV. I want MORE quiet time in my day. I want more moments of peace, where I’m listening only to the noises around me – in my environment (the rain and breezes outside my windows). I want quiet time, time where my thoughts can roam free. And as I thought that, I didn’t turn on TV. I didn’t even think about it. Well well.

It’s got me thinking – what else have I been trying to eliminate or stop? and what is it I really WANT – to increase – to have more of?

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