How to Re-Ignite Your Passion (Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 11)

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Volume 1 Issue 11, July 20, 2009
How to Re-Ignite Your Passion
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How to Re-Ignite Your Passion
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How has your summer been? Mine feels like it’s flying by. I’ve also managed to come down with a summer cold the past few days, which really put a damper on my enthusiasm. So, once again, I find I’m applying the newsletter article to my own life. Just a few minutes doing the exercise below has been helpful for me as I press on. I hope you also find it useful.

Have a great day!

Lori Howard
Life, Career, and Business Coach
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How to Re-Ignite Your Passion

When in the day-to-day minutia of pursuing or living out your dream, it can be easy to lose connection with your passion. It can get routine, even boring. You can start to question what you’re doing. Am I on the right path? Do I have the right goals? What’s going on?

This can happen in the midst of writing your novel, when getting ready for another networking event, or interview for the next promising job, or when you’re about to go out on yet another audition. When you’re in the thick of it, you’re focused on the day-to-day, and can lose touch with the passion. The answer can be simply that you’ve stopped connecting with your passion. And when you did that, it feels like the flame is out. And the answer may be that you simply need to re-ignite the flame.

But how do you do that? How will you find time for that? And shouldn’t you be re-evaluating your goals? Perhaps. If you can’t get your passion re-ignited, you may need to dig deeper. But perhaps you can strike a match and light the flame. And here’s a way to do just that.

Give this as much time as you like, or as you have. You can do this in 5 minutes, or 25 minutes. It’s a quick visualization.

1. Close your eyes and take a slow, deep breath.

2. Now take two more, and allow your mind to empty of worries and anxieties and to do lists.

3. Think about the goal you’re working toward, the big dream. How will it feel when that novel is completed and in a publisher’s hands? What do you imagine it will be like when you connect with someone at a networking event – for whom you are the answer to their prayers, you are the solution to their problem! How will you feel when you are at that job that you love doing, with your new boss singing your praises for doing great work? What will it be like when you are in rehearsals, nearing the opening of your next show? When you are doing what you love, and being recognized for being good at what you do? How will that feel? How will your life be at that moment?

4. At this point, how are you feeling? Hopeful? Excited? Empowered? Reconnected with why you’re doing all this? Energized?

If you feel like there was a spark, but no flame, take a few more minutes on step 3.

If you feel nothing, or if you feel more anxiety, check out the following: Overcome Your Fear and Dealing with Doubts and Your Dream. If you’re not sure you’re on the right track, try these articles to get some clarity: Design the Life You Want, Craft Your Ideal Day.

One of the keys to success is learning how to stay connected to your passion. I use this before events when I need my passion for what I do to be naturally evident (not manufactured or forced) – like networking events, interviews, just before I teach a workshop, or give a talk. I also use it when I’m home alone, and in the midst of the drudgery of it all – to spark my energy. Try it for yourself, and let me know how it works for you.

I’d love to hear from you, post your thoughts below!

Recommended Resources

Could you use some help clarifying your goals and setting your own life plan? Go to my website for some free tools and resources. Or shoot me an email at right now to schedule a free coaching consultation/first session. This is not a sales pitch; it’s an actual coaching session. In less than an hour, we’ll spend a few minutes talking about how coaching works, and then you’ll receive some coaching. There’s no obligation to buy, and no cost to you.

My book recommendation of the month is for those of you who love to know how our brain works. Check out Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. A fascinating study of the unconscious mind, how it works, and how to use it more effectively. I love this stuff!

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I welcome your feedback, comments and questions. Also, if you’re interested in contributing to this Newsletter, email me your submissions.

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I wanted to work in my industry and didn't know how to progress any further than I was. I knew I had much experience that could be put in the industry of my choice but not how to parlay that experience. I needed guidance.

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Many, many things. Overall, to get clear in my mind what I offered and really what I wanted in a work environment. Every week was another epiphany after another. One of my favorites was the "knowing your core values". Having had some experience on this subject I was all ready to dive-in. Core Values is key. Knowing your core values. 

Lori makes it so easy to pinpoint. One time we were speaking about something else and we both realized...OMG...that is a core value for me. I hadn't written it down before, but discovered later that if ever a core value fit was the one I mentioned at that time.  Knowing that piece of information also answered a long standing question in my head.  One of the "why's" as to my constant upset with other places I had worked.

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Lori delivers above and beyond. The highest quality of exchange, 'more than you expected.' I told my friends this over and over: 'I wish I had her 10-20-even 30 years ago.' Every one, and I mean EVERYONE, needs a Lori. Her understanding,patience, how she problem solves, putting things in simple terms, was mind blowing. I wish I could that well. I present a problem and she could turn it around and yes...another epiphany.

Lori, is worth every penny. It isn't about a title. It is about enjoying everyday doing work you love with people you like and are like minded. You'll know what you are looking for when you interview.  I never say this, but I will say it here. Lori is a major key into the rest of my life doing what I always wanted to do. That is: Being happy doing what I do, everyday. Something I have been saying for years. Allowing be Sherlock.  Finding my people. They are out there and now I know what I am looking for in that respect.


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