How to stay motivated and in action

One of the challenges of finding a new career or changing jobs is staying motivated and in action.

Kathy had worked hard to determine what career she wanted, and what jobs she wanted to pursue. She prepared her tools (i.e. resume, cover letter, etc.). She was so excited to begin looking for a new job, in a new career as a marketing communications specialist for financial services companies. After about 4 weeks she began to get discouraged in her search, and then she lost momentum. Once she knew what she wanted to do, Kathy thought the new job would just show up, like a reward for her efforts at self-discovery. At first she looked for jobs daily, but by week four, she was looking once a week. She also stopped following up with her network of contacts. She quit following leads if they required more effort than a simple email. After about 8 weeks, Kathy gave up the effort completely. She felt like a failure.

Erin, on the other hand, took a different approach. Once she knew her new target job and career (marketing communications for small arts or education firms), she created a schedule of activities to go get it. The first thing she did was create a support system for her search. She connected with others she met at networking events, who were also looking for work they loved. They agreed to meet every other week for lunch to offer each other support and encouragement. Next Erin made sure she blocked out time daily in her schedule to apply for jobs as well as follow up on applications and job leads. She then blocked out time weekly to research new companies and network online using LinkedIn and Facebook. She also committed to attending at least 1 live networking event a week. Finally, Erin made sure she scheduled time with her family, away from her job search, every day. She didn’t want her search to consume her life. She also scheduled time for volunteering, doing online marketing communications for a local non-profit arts organization. It was a great way to add relevant experience in her new field to her resume, and got her out of the house and focused on others.

After a few months, Erin secured a job working for an arts education organization. Because she had a concrete plan to stay motivated and active, she successfully changed careers and found a job she loves.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated, focused, and in action toward finding a career and job you love? I invite you to share it on my blog.


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Client Stories

At the time I hired Lori, I was looking for someone to help me develop a resume which focuses on career transitions.  I had hired a coach who did not hear a word I said and sent me a resume that was totally wrong.  Lori, on the other hand, did listen to what my needs were and asked me pointed questions.  I decided to work with her and never regretted this decision. Lori helped develop two resumes which highlighted skills needed for two different types of positions.  She was easy to work with, took all my comments into consideration, and made the appropriate revisions.  In the end, I received two resumes which I was totally happy with.  I would recommend Lori without hesitation.  She is a true professional and a delight to work with.

Marsha Weil, New York, NY