How to Use the Power You Already Have

Are you currently in the midst of a challenging situation in your career or personal life? Let’s face it, if you aren’t now, you will be. Life is a continual ebb and flow of challenges. Today, I am excited to share with you a tool you can use to help you overcome your next obstacle that seems insurmountable. This tool will help you tap into and leverage the power that you already have.

I stumbled upon this tool about a month ago and I found to be empowering beyond belief. I was so inspired and energized by the experience, and needed to find out if it would impact others in the same way. I called a colleague and asked her to give it try. She too found it incredibly empowering and encouraged me to share it with others. That’s when I began to share this tool with clients, and they too have been inspired by what they discovered within themselves. One of them commented, “I feel like you’ve helped me re-discover the me that I really like, the me that I’d lost.” If you take the time to do this activity, it can help you tap into the power you already have and bolster your confidence in minutes.

Now, let’s get to it. It is really quite simple.

  1. Start by making a list of the successes in your life. Now those of you who know me and my material, know that I recommend you make a list of your own life accomplishments – the things you are proud of and enjoyed doing – as a strategy to figure out the best career for you. But this list is different. This list can include things you didn’t particularly enjoy, but that you do consider a successful moment. This list might include surviving your divorce, overcoming an addiction, moving out on your own, visiting a foreign country for the first time, surviving the death of a dearly loved one, and so on. Just make a list.
  2. Select one item, one that really sticks out in your memory, and think about what you experienced. What was the problem you had to solve or overcome? What were the key decisions you made? Were there times you wanted to give up or quit? How did you get through it, or complete it? How did you get to the point of success? I encourage you to write out the story of the path you took from start to the moment of success. Once you have one story written, go back to your list, and pick at least two more successes, the ones that you can recall in vivid detail, and write out their stories.
  3. Step three is where the power lies. Look at your stories, and consider the rest of your list, what similarities do you see? Perhaps you notice that you have been in quite a few situations where you thought you were doomed, but you dug deep, persevered, and then succeeded. Perhaps you observe that you have been in many situations where you didn’t have a lot of support, but you took a big risk, believed in yourself, and committed to your goal. You can see now that you have a track record of success. Or maybe you see that you have been tempted to quit, and you have learned to give yourself a pep talk, and that is what keeps you going. Make a list of these similarities.

This list is the power you already have. If you did it before, you can do it again. And now you know how to do it again. You now know how you succeed! Any time the chips are down, and life gets difficult, you can review this list, and find the power within to get where you want to go. You absolutely can succeed! You’ve done it before. You now have a written record of when. And you can do it again.  And if you feel stuck, give me call or send me an email.  I would love to help you find your power within.


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I have found Lori’s webinars and her services to be extremely informative. Her professional deportment is exemplary, she is easy to converse with and she is very helpful with ideas and comments. Her knowledge of the business climate in the US and western countries serves her well. She is also an expert of making tools such as LinkedIn work for you…whether you are looking for another position or whether you are growing your own business. I cannot say enough good things about the way she manages her seminars, the usefulness of her websites and her offering. She takes the time to understand your particular situation, and interacts with you to guide you to make the right decisions. If you are looking for a career coach, get her services and you will not be disappointed.

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