Where can I find resources that help me love my job and thrive in my career?

I’m declaring Friday’s ONLINE RESOURCE DAY.  This where I’m going to post links to really insightful posts, helpful websites, online resources you can access for some valuable help and support in your career.  They might help with the job search, or dealing with troubles on the job, or how to find a career you’ll love.  But you can trust that I’ve spent time reviewing them for you, so you don’t have to go hunting. 

There’s a lot of fluff out there, a lot of mis information.  The links that make it here will have been reviewed and vetted. 

Let’s get started, shall we?
Here’s the link that inspired me to do this:
A Guide for Recruiting: http://fastgrowth.biz/2010/06/in-praise-of-generalists-a-guide-for-recruiting/ (link updated 7/6/10)
I recommend you take these points, and turn them around.  Be sure you are focusing on these qualities in your career, and revealing them in your resume, in your interviews.  Also, these are qualities you want to demonstrate to your boss and peers in your current job – to help secure your position.  (True for those all up and down the corporate hierarchy.)

http://qaspire.com/blog/ – just great insights for your career.

http://leadershipfreak.wordpress.com/ – all about leadership.  we are all leaders, like it or not.

http://www.estherderby.com/2010/07/skills-are-only-half-the-equation-for-success.html – Actually, Esther’s blog is packed with information and thought provoking ideas on management, leadership, and teams. 

http://mapmaker.curtrosengren.com/ – how to love your job, your career, you life

http://www.chicagocareersite.com/articles/ – Job Search Info in abundance! my fave author is Jessica Holbrook

Now that’s enough to get you started – no matter where you’re at in your career path. 

Please, share your links here as well!

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Client Stories

 I was looking to make large changes in my life, both job and city.  I was a happy midwestern resident for nearly 30 years but wanted to see what life on a coast was like and get a dream job.  This was a tall order and going into it I thought I would have to make large compromises on parts of my dreams to get any of it.  

I went to Lori to help me achieve these dreams.  It was the best decision I made.

She focused on two things right out of the gate:
  1. clarify my goals, both personal and professional
  2. get me to stop selling myself short

These twin achievements allowed me to approach my hunt with confidence, patience and focus.  My original dream job was to try and combine my technical joys with a personal one.  I enjoy large scale data processing with cutting edge tools, music and baseball.  Through the tools Lori taught me and helped me unearth in myself I got that gig that would have fallen into day dream territory before our work together.  

And yeah, there's platinum records on the walls of my lobby and I have tons of data to process.

Pat Christopher, Intelligence Engineer, Seattle, WA